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How I Reversed my Depression & Anxiety

The video you're about to watch can seem quite dense at first, but there's a plan in place to help you grasp it fully. Start by viewing the other videos on this site, then return to this one. The key lesson here extends beyond the screen – it's about understanding that your perceptions are shaped not just by what you see, but by your knowledge of what you're seeing, as this influences your emotions. Initially, the terms and concepts in this video might be confusing, but after you've seen the rest, it's very likely that everything will become clear and make sense.



Books That will Change Your Life

One of the most significant benefits of reading is that it helps to improve vocabulary and language skills. When we read, we encounter a wide range of words and phrases that we may not encounter in our everyday lives, which helps to expand our vocabulary and language knowledge. Reading also helps to improve critical thinking and analytical skills, as it requires us to actively engage with the text and interpret its meaning. In addition, reading can be a great way to relax and reduce stress, as it allows us to escape into a different world and forget about our daily worries. Finally, reading can also be a source of inspiration and personal growth, as it exposes us to new ideas and perspectives that can help us to learn and grow as individuals.


90+ Pages - Our Free Guide to Self-Improvement

Knowing the mechanics of manifesting a new reality is as straightforward as learning the mechanics that sustain it. We all talk of sustainability, what is the human version of it? Homeostasis. Enjoy the videos down below that will get you started on the mechanics involved. Learn the mechanics below.

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Watch to Better Understand the Grocery Store

Growing up, many of us simply grabbed items off the shelves, often swayed by catchy packaging or brand names, without giving a second glance to those small nutrition facts charts on the side. Those charts, however, hold the keys to understanding what we're truly putting into our bodies. In this video, we're going to delve deep into the world of nutritional labels, empowering you with the knowledge to make informed choices during your grocery trips. Let's transform the way you navigate the aisles and shop with confidence, ensuring that every product in your cart aligns with your health goals.


How to Lose Weight Fast

Many believe that weight loss is a daunting journey, but in reality, it becomes straightforward once you unravel the science behind it. Take, for instance, the relationship between sugar and insulin. Consuming sugar causes a surge in insulin levels, and heightened insulin is a primary promoter of weight gain. By understanding these fundamental connections and the broader scientific landscape of nutrition, shedding those extra pounds can be simplified. Let's demystify the science and pave the way for effective, sustainable weight loss.

Weight Loss Document

Mind your Gut Keep your Mind

It's often said that depression stems from a chemical imbalance. But let's take a moment and reflect: How many chemicals did you consume today, and what's their role in your body? It's astonishing to realize that our bodies house more bacterial cells than there are stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. The question then arises: Are we truly meant to fuel our intricate systems with foods synthesized from human-crafted chemicals in a laboratory setting? Processed foods, often engineered for flavor over health, can disrupt our delicate microbiome. By understanding the profound relationship between what we eat and how we feel, we can start making choices that align better with our body's natural harmony.

Gut Microbiome Document

Learn 400% Faster

Imagine having a 'Miracle Grow' for your brain— that's what Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is often likened to! This remarkable protein plays a pivotal role in fine-tuning synaptic plasticity, a crucial component for our learning and memory processes. Intriguingly, a significant portion of anti-depressant drugs set their sights on enhancing BDNF levels. But did you know there are natural boosters? Fasting and exercise emerge as prime catalysts for BDNF production, steering us towards a vibrant, happier brain state. Ready to nourish your mind? Dive into our '50 Brain Cell Challenge' and embark on a journey filled with brain-loving foods!

BDNF Document

Increase DNA Length

Picture a telomere as the protective tip on your shoelaces, but for your DNA. Representing the final 20% of our genetic code, these telomeres shrink a tiny bit each time a cell divides. Over our lifespan, with countless cell divisions, telomeres inevitably become shorter. But here's the twist: when they're entirely worn out, cells can go dormant or perish, ushering in various diseases. Now, enter the realm of nutritional epigenetics—where our dietary choices can dance with our DNA. Factors like intense stress, a sedentary lifestyle, diet-induced oxidative stress, and weight gain can expedite telomere shortening. So, the choices we make today can influence the health of our genetic 'shoelace tips' tomorrow!

Telomere Document

Find Zen Never Stress Again

Ever been intrigued by the inner workings of the brain? Let's journey into its fascinating depths with something called the 'default mode network.' Think of it as the brain's backstage—active when you're lost in thought or daydreaming. Now, here's the twist: what if embracing the art of meditation could be your secret weapon against anxiety, tapping into this very network? I know, it sounds almost too enchanting to be true. But before you take my word for it, there's a foundational step: believing in the power within you. Embark on this exploration not just with curiosity, but with faith in yourself, and uncover the serene mysteries the mind holds!

Meditation Document

Reprogram Your Thoughts

Imagine if a staggering 95% of your world was orchestrated by a script you didn't write. Puzzling, right? Who's the author of this dominant chunk of your mind? Surely, it's you... or is it? It might sound like a plot twist from a sci-fi novel, but what if the only barriers between you and your dreams were the ingrained notions and beliefs you've unknowingly absorbed over time? These imprinted ideas, if left unchecked, can anchor you firmly to your current reality. Here's another curveball: post the age of seven, the prime window to reshuffle and redefine that reality might just be... in your dreams. Ready to dive deeper into this nocturnal realm of possibilities?

Subconscious Document

The Reprogramming Video

Picture your mind as an iceberg, with a whopping 95% submerged beneath the surface—that's your subconscious, shaping the vast majority of your reality! Craving a change in your life's narrative? Dive deep and harness the transformative power of subconscious affirmations. But here's a note of caution: while these affirmations are potent tools for change, they can also carry unexpected repercussions. Think of them as potent spices—a dash can enhance, but too much can overpower. So, before embarking on this transformative journey, it's wise to consult with your doctor or a seasoned CBT therapist. Navigating the mind's depths is thrilling, but always safer with a guiding hand!


Wake Up Don't Eat Let Your Glycogen Deplete

Ever been told to never skip breakfast because it's the 'most important meal of the day'? Well, let's stir the pot a bit! Dive into the captivating world of Neurogenesis, Neuroplasticity, and BDNF. These aren't just fancy terms; they're the linchpins of our brain's health, agility, and longevity. While many champion breakfast as the day's pivotal meal, it begs the question: is this age-old wisdom backed by the intricacies of our brain's biology? Join us on a delicious exploration of brain science and breakfast myths. Bon appétit to brain food!

Fasting Documents

Increase Your Immune Health With Cold Water

Remember being bundled up as a kid with the age-old warning, 'Wear your coat or you'll catch a cold!'? Such childhood mantras tend to stick, don't they? But as we venture into the world of cultural myths and beliefs, what if this coat-cold connection is just the tip of the iceberg? Dive with us as we unravel deeper cultural illusions and question the beliefs we've held onto. Are you ready to peek behind the curtain of age-old adages?

Wim Hof Document

The Universal Anti-Inflammatory

Grounding, also known as earthing, is an intriguing concept that bridges the gap between the human body and the Earth's natural electric charge. Fascinatingly, the Earth maintains a negative electrical potential on its surface, and when you walk barefoot or use grounding devices, your body becomes conductively connected to this charge. Scientific studies have shown that this connection can yield surprising health benefits. For instance, grounding is found to improve sleep, reduce inflammation, and enhance blood circulation. This is attributed to the transfer of electrons from the Earth to the body, which neutralizes positively charged free radicals, known to contribute to inflammation. Moreover, grounding influences the diurnal rhythm of cortisol, the stress hormone, promoting a more balanced and relaxed physiological state.

Grounding Document

The Diet Plan for Life

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