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Before You Step:

Anxiety, Expanding vs Contracting

Anxiety is a completely normal feeling. What you choose to do with this feeling is complete up to you. 

Anxiety - E/C

Step 1:

The Voice in Your Head.

What we tell ourselves determines the overall quality of our lives. That voice in your head that you're reading these words with will be with you for the rest of your life. We must first recognize where we are in order to understand how to get where we want to go.

Do you hear it?

Step 2:

Einstein's Observer Effect.

It's now what you see, it's what you know about what you see because that is how you feel. We have been taught a thought and now we are thinking about them. 

Sight is Light

Step 3:

Reverse Engineering

How do you know if the thoughts that you have been to think work?

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Step 4:

Newton's Laws of Motion.

Force mass and acceleration in a conversation? Thinking thoughts outside the realm of positive negative or neutral. 

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The Diet Plan for Life