Diet For Life 

Diet's are NOT Food, they are Information.

When we think of the word "diet," we typically link it to our eating habits. However, what we ingest in our mouths is just a minor aspect within the broader context of optimizing our lifestyle. What time do you usually have your meals? Do you choose your foods based on the needs of your genomic makeup and gut microbiome? When you take a shower, do you prefer warm or cold water? Have you been conditioned to believe that 15 minutes of meditation offers any benefits? As you lay down to sleep tonight, do you plan to reprogram your subconscious mind? Were you breathing consciously while reading this, or not? Remember, every thought you have is malleable and can change over time. Just as energy transforms into different manifestations of itself, you too are a form of energy. 


How many moments each day do you take to be alone with yourself, seeking a deeper understanding of who you truly are?


Does the idea of not eating for a week seem negative? As you master controlling food cravings, you'll find that taming the mind's desires becomes easier.


Did you notice if you were consciously or unconsciously breathing as you read this? 


Sleep deprivation can lead to a slower reaction time, changes in mood, a higher risk for physical illness, and worsened mental health symptoms


The secret to making big changes begins in your subconscious mind, which is like a powerful superhero that controls 95% of the things you do!


A hidden universe within us holds the key to unraveling the profound impact on health, illuminating one's well-being.


A window into the very fabric of our existence renders a profound test empowering individuals to unlock the depths of their health and well-being.


The lifeline of our body, holds invaluable insights, making a blood test crucial for unraveling the secrets of one's health.

Testing We Offer




Nutritional Genomics Testing

Our genomic testing includes tailored meal plans must be crafted according to the unique genetics of each individual. Our team evaluates 77 genes to assess factors such as health, hormones, fitness, and lifestyle. To provide you with insight into your gene variants, we have developed a concise 26-minute presentation for your education.

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Gut Microbiome Testing.

Through our gut microbiome analysis, we can identify the specific foods necessary for restoring and maintaining gut health. Failure to address bacterial imbalances in the gut could lead to a range of adverse psychological effects. To educate you on the importance of gut health, we have prepared a 13-minute presentation.

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Food Sensitivity Blood Testing

Discovering food and chemical sensitivities can be achieved through a particular test. This test might help identify which foods and other substances initiate chronic inflammation and associated health problems such as gastrointestinal, metabolic disorders, and others. The method gauges cellular reactions to more than 450 substances. Clinical studies have utilized this test to inform dietary changes and have demonstrated a notable improvement in many common symptoms. 

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