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This is me providing transparency with you: I reward people who take my work seriously. It's challenging to find individuals with such skills. With every skill comes the potential for high remuneration. You have a choice: either take this page seriously or be like many others, scrolling aimlessly. I compensate individuals more than I once earned because they took what I teach seriously. Will you take yourself seriously? This page can guide you to your first 10k online in just a few months.


Start for Free: Step-by Step to Online Income

If you are serious about self-improvement and earning money online, you must first change your mindset. You must have the right mindset, to be strong, driven, and capable of dealing with whatever comes your way. If you trip and fall, these books will assist you in getting back up. Mental fortitude will enable you to make more money from this information than you could have ever imagined. If you only read this text, you are one percent of the world's population. See you later in the program.


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Instagram Mathematics 

There is a 99% chance that you have never heard of the QR menu process that we are going to teach you in this free program. 

Free Instagram Program

Start Here: Learn Lead Generation

The most important part of making income online is understanding how to find the money you are looking for. 


Step Zero: Learn Lead Generation Again

The most important part of making income online is understanding how to find the money you are looking for. 


Step 1: How to turn $100 into $1,100.

This first video is going to show you that making money online is definitely possible. Unfortunately, people have lied and told you this was easy. I believe that transparency leads to truth and that is the only way you will trust a stranger. Please enjoy free training that is better than 99% of programs you will find online. When you find out exactly what it is you want to do you must run ads. You will realize how simple it becomes to make money when you have something to offer.

Retargeting Ad Document

Step 2: Review Ad Strategy.

The Homeostasis Diet is not just a diet about food, it's about information. These are how ads work on the internet and you need to understand this in order to convince others you can help them. 

Review Work Document

Step 3: Learn to set up your FB Ads Manager.

You can charge many companies for this service right here. You will learn from the videos down below you to determine if a company has its Facebook pixel on its website. 


Step 4: How to Build your Ads.

This is the same process that all companies will be using to scale on Facebook. There are more complex things depending on your business model. 


Step 5: Live Facebook Ads Setup.

Now that you understand how to Set up ads. Let me help you understand how they work by running some for you. 


Step 6: Testing Different Audiences. 

When you start to run ads and sell in the global market you need to find what converts best by testing different audiences. Unlike a diet, data is something you want to play and test. 


Step 7: Step-by-Step to Endless Income. 

This is how I have been taking Ecom stores from 3k a day to 20k a day. It's all about testing and spending once tested. Don't forget Automated Rules. The Homeostasis Diet, is tired of false information. <3 


Step 8: Website Outsourcing Example & Sales.

This is where you can get websites built for clients. This is also where you can start a website building company.  

Outsourcing Document

Step 9:

May the BEST Entrepreneur Win Series. E1 S1

This is where you learn how to identify money online. The Homeostasis Diet is committed to helping you understand the world that you will create with this information. 

Lead Generation Document

Step 10:

May the BEST Entrepreneur Win. E2 S1

Write down. Google Maps is my new goldmine. I will use Google Maps to identify companies I can help. 


Step 11:

May the BEST Entrepreneur Win. E3 S1

Write down The Facebook Pixel Helper, Tiktok Pixel Helper, Light House Test, and Google 360 Photo. You will need to know about these and learn more later. 


Step 12:

May the BEST Entrepreneur Win. E4 S1

Utilize the Ten X Rule book suggested to maintain a consistent number of leads and opportunities. More contacts equal more contracts. 


Step 13:

May the BEST Entrepreneur Win. 

E5 S1

Remember, that 99% of companies have no idea what they are doing and you now know more than 99% of them. Accept this fact now. Write down, "I know more than everyone else" because If you were listening you now know more. 


Step 14:

Live Discord Training. 

E10 S1

Have the homeostasis diet explain to you how this actually works. 

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