$347.00 USD


The Diet Plan for Life

[ The World's Largest Health & Wellness Program ]

What you'll get:

  • [ 200+ Modules ] 
  • [ 250+ pages of value ]
  • [ 111 Gut Healthy Meals ]
  • [ 8 Coaches ]
  • [ Discord Community ]
  • [ Changes to Win Free Testing Giveaways once we reach 1,000 members] 

It took us 3 years to write this diet plan and create this program. You might ask yourself why it only cost $19.99 so I will tell you. I remember when I first began all of this. I had negative money in my band account and could not even afford to eat food. I knew I needed a better life but the last thing I was going to do was spend money on something other than drugs. I made the cost of this program $19.99 because I know ANYONE can afford this price. Everything that I needed when I needed it most did not exist for me, it now, exists for you. The rest of us are waiting for you in discord to hear all about your story.