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Are you reading this? Most people don't read anything anymore on the internet. If you are reading this I wanted to congratulate you because you are the 1%. The person who is smart enough to actually look into something before they decide to buy it. I can tell you even people that buy it, they only finish maybe like 5% and never log in again. The person who reads, leads. This program took me about 26 years to figure out and 5 years to create. 

You will not only learn how to be healthy but our best student was 290lbs, living at home with depression, anxiety, and no job. He now weights 195lbs, makes $240,000 a year and owns his own home. 

You can have anything you have ever wanted. Please watch the reviews and learn more about the program before you decide to join it. We are currently working on the 2.0 version of the program.

Natalie Polei RDN, Gut Restoration Dietitian.


  • ☑️Complete in-depth 12-week Gut Microbiome Reset within the program. 
  • ☑️You will learn everything from a Gut Microbiome Dietitian See step-by-step behind-the-scenes on how you can create your own diet.
  • ☑️Understand how to make diet decisions without stressing out.


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Weylin Gomez, Myofascial Therapist (Coming Soon)


  • ☑️Unlock your potential with Weylin Gomez's 20+ years of expertise in transformative healing and movement modalities, including professional dance, martial arts, and yoga


  • ☑️Embrace the Embodied Integration Method to shatter limitations and unleash your true power, as you break free from deep-seated beliefs and create the destiny you deserve 


  • ☑️Ignite your journey to success with Weylin's empowering change-work tools and techniques, designed to accelerate your path and propel you beyond any barriers holding you back


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Tyler Blohm, Grow Your Own Food, Sustainability.


  • ☑️Learn how to cultivate your own energy to ensure that the energy you consume is truly healthy for you. Not relying on Big Food to do so for you.


  • ☑️Learn how to dedicate just 5-10 hours per week to farming, you can easily supplement your income and eventually become self-employed.


  1. ☑️How to improve your green thumb and master the art of planning, germinating, watering, harvesting, marketing, selling, scaling, and business strategies.


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Ashley Spedale, Mindset, Emotional Intelligence & Spiritual Enlightenment.


  • ☑️In just 14 days, you can embark on a self-love journey, learn about personal branding, and develop your emotional intelligence.
  • ☑️Learn how to attract more abundance and opportunities by partnering with big brands and charging what you know you are worth.
  • ☑️Ashley will also guide you on how to connect with your spirit guides and get out of your own way.


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Chase, Mind & Body Movement Personal Trainer.


  • ☑️He will show you that you don't need a gym membership or expensive equipment to stay fit. 


  • ☑️In just 30 days, Chase will guide you through a series of at-home exercises that require minimal equipment and provide step-by-step instructions.


  • ☑️Functional movement exercises can help improve balance, flexibility, and strength, which can prevent injuries and keep us healthy and independent as we age.


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Ali Zulhar, E-Commerce, Online Product Sales


  • ☑️Ali offers step-by-step guidance on how to build e-commerce stores, upload and test products, and sell e-commerce stores to interested companies.


  • ☑️A step-by-step guide to uploading and testing products.


  • ☑️Discover how to sell e-commerce stores to companies interested in expanding their online sales.


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Rian Overcash, Genetic Counselor


  1. ☑️Intro to genomics.


  1. ☑️You will learn why using your genomic data will help you build a personalized strategy for accelerated wellness.


  1. ☑️Expert tips for avoiding the most common pitfalls around genetic information. 


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Special Guest, Sales, Mindset & Marketing

  • ☑️Unlock the secrets of making money online - get the facts here. 
  • ☑️Master the art of marketing yourself on social media.
  • ☑️The ultimate sales script has helped thousands of people secure booked calls - learn how to use it.
  • ☑️Learn how to create a reliable online income, step by step.



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